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Email: stemagez@vub.ac.be

Training and positions

  • PhD: Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium, 1997
  • Postdoc: University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa, 2002-2004
  • Postdoc: University of Massachusetts, Amherts, USA, 2005
  • VIB Project Leader since 2000
  • Adjunct Assoc. Professor University of Massachusetts, USA since 2005
  • Research Professor Vrije Universiteit Brussel since 2008


  • Stefan Magez is heading a group on Immunoparasitology within the CMIM unit. The extensive analyses related to the immunological control of African trypanosomes that have been performed in the immunoparasitology group involve all phases of infection and are focusing on multiple parasite/host strain combinations. As a result, different models were developed over the years that are representative for the distinct stages of infection and that allow (i) to identify the critical vector, parasite and host factors contributing to the initiation of infection and the induction of immunopathology and (ii) to set-up and evaluate new approaches to diagnostics, treatment and vaccination [1].


Selected references

Magez et al., J Cell Biol, 137: 715-727, 1997 ;
Stijlemans et al., J Biol Chem, 279: 1256-1261, 2004 ;
Baral et al., Nat. Med., 12: 580-584, 2006 ;
Radwanska et al., PLoS Pathog., 4(5): e1000078, 2008 .

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