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Patents and spin-off

CMIM patents

Description Priority date(s) Priority Application number(s) Applicant Inventor(s)
African trypanosomiasis therapy with a nanobody-conjugated trypanolytic factor 6/10/2005 EP2005109300 VIB / VUB De Baetselier Patrick, Muyldermans Serge, Magez Stefan
Use of P-selectin glycoprotein ligand 1 in modulation of hematogenous metastasis of lymphomas 19/09/2005 EP2005108577 VIB / VUB De Baetselier Patrick, Raes Geert, Hassanzadeh Ghassabeh Gholamreza
Treatment of EGFR dependent tumours 14/04/2005 EP2005102967 VIB / UGent / VUB Beyaert Rudi, Revets Hilde, Huang Lieven
Novel markers for alternatively activated macrophages 9/09/2003 EP20030102724 VIB / VUB Raes Geert, Hassanzadeh Ghassabeh Gholamreza, De Baetselier Patrick
The use of a polypeptide domain of SLPI to modulate the tumorigenic and metastatic potential of cancer cells 7/05/2003 EP20030101265 VIB / VUB Revets Hilde, De Baetselier Patrick, Devoogdt Nick, Hassanzadeh Ghassabeh Gholamreza
An immunomodulatory protein derived from trypanosomes and uses thereof 23/12/2002 EP20020080667 VIB / VUB Beschin Alain, De Baetselier Patrick
Novel immunoconjugates useful for treatment of tumours (Immunoconjugates) 3/01/2002; 9/07/2002 EP20020075048 VIB Revets Hilde, Cortez-Retamozo Virna, Muyldermans Serge, De Baetselier Patrick
Th1 inducing natural adjuvant for heterologous antigens 18/02/2000 EP20000200589 VIB Revets Hilde, Cornelis Pierre, De Baetselier Patrick
New uses of suppressive macrophage activation markers 30/11/1999 EP19990870245 Innogenetics Fransen Lucia, De Baetselier Patrick
TNF-derived peptides for use in treating oedema 14/08/1998; 18/09/1998; 21/10/1998 EP19980870180; EP19980870198; EP19980870222 Innogenetics Lucas Rudolf, De Baetselier Patrick, Pugin Jerome, Bloc Alain, Fansen Lucie
Peptides and nucleic acids derived from Eisenia Foetida and the use thereof 17/12/1997 EP19970203974 VIB De Baetselier Patrick, Beschin Alain
TNF-alpha muteins and a process for preparing them 3/02/1993 EP19930400262 Innogenetics Lucas Rudolf, De Baetselier Patrick, Fansen Lucia, Sablon Erwin

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Additional patents Serge Muyldermans (before 2003)

Description Priority date(s) Priority Application number(s) Applicant Inventor(s)
Method for cloning of variable domain sequences 21/12/2001 EP2001205100 VIB Muyldermans Serge
Mutant heavy chain antibodies (Functional heavy chain antibodies, fragments thereof and methods of production thereof) 24/10/2001 EP20010204037 VIB Muyldermans Serge
Recognition molecules interacting specifically with the active site or cleft of a target molecule 27/06/1996 EP1996201788 VIB Muyldermans Serge, Wyns Lode
Variable fragments of immunoglobulins - use for therapeutic or veterinary purposes 25/04/1995 EP1995400932 VUB Hamers Raymond, Muyldermans Serge
Production of antibodies or (functionalized) fragments thereof derived from heavy chain immunoglobulins of camelidae 29/04/1993; 19/05/1993; 15/07/1993 EP19930201239 EP19930201454 EP19930202079 Conopco / Unilever / VUB Hamers Raymond, Hamers-Castermans Cecile, Muyldermans Serge, Frenken Leon G, Verrips Cornelis T

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The VUB-VIB spin-off Ablynx

Ablynx, a biopharmaceutical company with headquarters in Ghent, Belgium, is engaged in the discovery and development of Nanobodies to treat a range of serious human diseases. Nanobodies are a novel class of antibody-derived therapeutic proteins. Because of their small size, unique structure and extreme stability, Nanobodies combine the advantages of conventional antibody therapeutics with the key features of small-molecule drugs.

The power of Ablynx's discovery platform has resulted in a Nanobody development candidate. Ablynx's lead programme, ALX-0081, became the first ever single domain antibody to enter clinical trials and Ablynx reported the final positive results from its Phase I study in December 2007. Following these positive results, Ablynx has initiated a Phase Ib multiple-dose study in May 2008, directly in the target patient population rather than healthy volunteers for ALX-0081.

Company website: www.ablynx.com

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